Every 365 days or so, a day comes around that is truly remarkable. A day that marks an anniversary of the expression "going postal." The same date when the Communist Party of Spain was started in 1921. The same date that Travis Barker and Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons tumbled from their mother's insides and thought, "WASSSSSSSSSUP, PLANET EARTH!"

  • Derek Erdman

But aside from being the best drummer for Blink 182 and a pioneer of hip hop, what do we know about these enigmatic legends? I've put together a list of facts below, choose which statement refers to Rev Run or Travis Barker. Pick the most correct answers and win a Grand Slam breakfast from Denny's. On your birthday. Restrictions apply.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Born to Randy and Gloria Barker in Fontana, California.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Was also was interested in becoming a professional surfer and skateboarder.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Formed a band in 1992 by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Barely survived a plane crash, sustaining second and third degree burns on his lower body and torso.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Partnered with Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Rob Aston to form a band called Transplants.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Has his own line of drumming products, sponsored by Zildjian.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Married his long-time girlfriend, Melissa Kennedy, on September 22, 2001

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Married actress and First Runner Up Miss USA 1995 Shanna Moakler on October 30, 2004.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Had a brief fling with Paris Hilton in September 2006.

TRAV BAR or REV RUN? Runs and swims every day, eats well and has gone vegan since leaving the hospital after a plane crash. Has also overcome a painkiller addiction.