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Shaine from Boat Party and and Annie from Chastity Belt are sisters that both shred up the low end for two of Seattle's finest bands. Here is a quick interview I had with them before their Rendezvous show tomorrow:

Did you two both take violin lessons together? How do you feel about always playing the same instrument?
A: I attended Shaine's violin's lessons when I was in my mother's uterus.
S: Ok no, let's say it like this. I'm older than Annie and she always came to my lessons, but we never took lessons together. But Annie was always better at violin. She's a better musician in general.
A: When I was growing up I always wanted to do whatever Shaine was doing, so I asked my mom for a violin when I was five, and she bought me a pretend, cardboard violin. When she realized I was actually serious about it, she allowed me to actually start taking lessons. Now I think kind of the reverse is happening, where I'm the cool sister now and Shaine is copying me.
S: Annie as always had an interest in music outside the violin. She's always been great at music. I could barely play violin.

Shaine, Boat Party is a little newer than Chastity Belt, how long have you guys been a band?

S: We started practicing, I think, in March or February last year, but for a while Chris would play the drums and then play a loop pedal for guitar. Then Julia, from Chastity Belt, moved to Seattle and started playing with us. So we've actually been playing show's since July, with her.

Tell me about these whispered rumors I've heard about you guys playing some songs in the genre of "Riot Spice?"
S: Yeah, so I love the Spice Girls and its because that was actually the first concert I took Annie to when she was 9. It was past the prime of Spice Girls, Geri had already left the band. And I also love Riot Grrl. And Chris came up with a riot girl-ish riff/chord progression, and we were just inspired. Mallory, our singer, is also really into riot grrl. That collaboration is where the spice riot song came from, because she wouldn't stop singing "Rebel Girl" on the day that Chris came up with the riot grrl themed song. I made her watch Spice World with me and we just took it from there.

(Shaine's note: For those who feel that spice girls don't fit the definition of feminism, when I went to that show with Annie, I was 15, she was 9, and there were thousands of little girls running around the Key Arena shouting about "girl power" to each other. For me, being a feminist was something I saw a lot of other girls question in their lives. For Annie, she never had to question being a feminist, it was always a given. being able to reach so many young girls with such a positive message about what it means to be a girl or a woman without them having to doubt or defend themselves, that's feminism.)

Have you guys ever played a show together? How'd they go?
S: Yea, at Chop Suey this summer. It was magical. I think we also had a violin recital together when we were kids.

Any BP/CB Tours Planned?
S: Stay Tuned.

Tell me about the upcoming show you are playing together.
S: It's Saturday at the Rendezvous with Boat Party, Chastity Belt, and Tender Hips.
A: It's gonna be great for anyone who loves good old dancing tunes. Come on by if you wanna get loose and get your jig on!
S: I can't believe Annie just said "get your jig on." I love my sister. But seriously, this show is gonna rule!

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Shaine and Annie 1995
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