I need help. Please listen to Improved Sound Ltd.'s 1969 track "Leave This Lesbian World" and answer ONE question...cool?

Okay, so I love the backwards drums, groovin' organ, the sparse arrangement, like ALL OF IT! Really, this is great German prog, but what in the fucking FUCK are these motherfuckers singing about? Seriously, read the words.

I don't want you when you're shy/Tell me girl how should I try

I hope to see you breakthrough/Leave all the things that haunt you

You suffer from that rape/Girl blot out the tape/Leave this lesbian world

Leave the things that break your heart/Try to make another start

There's no reason you should tease me/So go out and strive to ease me

If you want me to stay here/Well come on to feel you near

Is this some kinda queer conversion from a forgotten German prog group? Or is this ESL confusion, like those funny signs in other countries which say like "Cocks" or something? Am I being a xenophobe?!? I'm so very confused.