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The great but financially strapped counterculture magazine Arthur will be returning to print after a four-year hiatus. Published by Jay Babcock, the LA-based Arthur existed from 2002-2008 and ran some of the most insightful and provocative music/countercultural/ political journalism in America and helped to raise the profile of "freak folk" throughout the world, aided in part by The Golden Apples of the Sun compilation it issued in conjunction with Devendra Banhart in 2004.

Publishing such a non-mainstream zine, while aesthetically satisfying, led to $100,000 of debt. The strain of trying to edit the mag and raise revenue proved too stressful for Babcock, so he ceased operations in 2008. But a move to a location just outside of Joshua Tree, California and a reliable source of income have given him incentive to relaunch Arthur. This is great news for lovers of interestingly written, left-of-center music/art criticism.