Yeah, Boiiii!: Completely overdue for this belated honor—Heart, Rush, and Public Enemy among others are inducted to Rock Hall of Fame.

And, the Award Goes To...: Just a reminder, Seattle beats out Portland as the #1 hipster capitol of these United States. Let's have a big round of applause for our American Spirit spirit.

Down in It: No longer laying dormant, Trent Reznor busies himself with the release of Nine Inch Nails greatest hits collection and, something that may interest you Spotify users, an up-and-coming music streaming service called Daisy.

Get Your Ears Wet: Santa plans on destroying your stocking hung with care by hastily shoving Hot Water Music's Live In Chicago 3 LP/2 CD/1 DVD release into it. Santa will also drop a deuce in the toilet and not flush.

MDMA in the U.S.A.: The hiphop community is reportedly getting their kicks off a derivative of ecstasy called Molly, which is enjoying a popular uprising. Wasn't the Chronic good enough?