I've been selling heaps of records on Discogs.com while thinning out the stacks. Compared to the disaster that eBay has become, Discogs is a welcome option for getting rid of extra copies of the Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, which is exactly what I was attempting to do last month.

Funland at the Beach
  • "Funland at the Beach"

I hadn't received payment or communication from a customer three weeks after an order had been placed and inquired when they intended to pay. Here's the message that I received in response:

Ok well I honestly have no way to pay for this, sorry for wasting your time, but Kenny mAy was in the hospital and I had to pay his child support, it ain't cheap I hope you understand

After reading this message, I couldn't really argue. I mean, if Kenny May (?!?!?) was indeed in the hospital and the person who was supposed to buy my Dead Kennedys record had to cover Kenny May's (?!?!?!??!) child support, I reckon that is a pretty good reason to back out of an internet transaction. A message sent to Discogs.com regarding what to do in this type of circumstance hasn't been returned at this time.