I love rapper Krispy Kreme. I know he's just a character dreamt up by Tyler Cassidy—I still think he's hilarious. But it looks like KK finally got the ol' C&D from the donut makers because he recently had to change his name. From now on he will be known as Froggy Fresh, which is perhaps the dumbest rap name ever. Money Maker Mike remains a money maker.

Just a few days ago Froggy Fresh made his video debut with the song "Same Old Kid," which is actually a pretty legit song. So much more than anything Krispy Kreme ever did, anyway. I guess dude could only pretend to be a snotty-nosed fool for so long before having to prove he can rap better lines than "I bet you're scared of the dark/I bet you smell like a fart."

Still love you KrispyFroggy!