As a sequel to the earlier post of Thrasher's A Blast From the Past and Present, here's another "gem" from yesteryore. Curb Cruisin' is from 1987 and features some of the lamest scooter (!?) footage that I've ever had to watch. The skits are pretty bad too, at one point a l'il shredder rescues a lost pet and is rewarded by a kiss from a grateful skate betty. Seconds later, he bumps into a fellow shredder and knocks a pie into his face. Oh, and there's a skinhead.

Also included are a few (vaguely) interesting R.E.M. inspired songs as the soundtrack. I watched part of this video with a friend (who was three at the time of its release) who couldn't fathom why it was even made. I can only assume that the wild popularity of the Bones Brigade videos caused a gaggle of sub par imitators, many of which I hope to post here in the coming weeks. If you haven't seen Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, I highly recommend it.

Here's a generous description from

Action-packed footage as the scooter dudes get chased by the local skateboard punks through the alleys and streets of Hermosa Beach, California. Features exciting mini-scooter demonstrations.

Seattle, it's sunny outside! Get shreddin'!