One of my favorite things is getting lost in Scarecrow Video. Every room and small cubby seems to hold something forgotten and exciting, I usually end up renting an armful of things that I have to race to watch within a week before returning them.


For the first time last week, I stumbled onto the sports section, which has a row of skateboarding videos from all eras. There are a lot of videos from the 2000s, the 1990s, and a whole bunch from the golden age of the 1980s. I rented several and watched with a mixture of glee and horror the wretched fashions and skateboard stunts of yesteryore.

Certainly one of the best videos is this one, Thrasher Magazine's A Blast From the Past and Present. There's a slew of clunky skateboarding footage (early Mark Gonzalez, Steve Rocco, and (I think) Jesse Martinez) and musical performances of varying quality. Agent Orange, Dicks, and the Drunk Injuns have always been faves of mine when it comes to skate rock, but here you also get Condemned to Death, Screamin' Sirens, and Tales of Terror. Enough about me though, if you're into this kind of thing, I present to you the following video to enjoy: