Here's the third installment in a series of old skateboarding VHS tapes, the first two can be found here and here. On the Prowl is a video that I recall from the olden days by name only. After watching the first five minutes, I couldn't remember any of the footage, because it's really fucking boring.


With as much credit as the Alva team got over the years, their style was always clunky brute force that doesn't make for interesting videos. The first segment of On the Prowl is Chris Cook and Jeff Hartsel doing kick-turns on a tall quarter pipe and simply riding over a medium height jump ramp. Sometimes they attack a parking block with as much grace as one of my uncles eating an ear of field corn at an Ohio summer BBQ. I can assure you, that's graceless.

A band called Bad Reputation provides a majority of the soundtrack for the video, which is mostly limp mid-tempo metal. My favorite part of this tape is being reminded of some horrible fashions, like those hideous Vision Street Wear light blue skull berets and double (and sometimes triple) hip sacks. Oh, and if you pause the frame at 10:36, you can see my friend Paul Tempest and I on the right side of the screen. That footage is from Dayton, Ohio and the first pro competition that either of us had ever been to. Paul's father was kind enough to drive us there and back as we were 12 years old at the time. Mr. Tempest was always an admirable adult, I hope he's doing well today.