Gerard Cosloy: Big sigh of relief from former members of Seven Mary Three, Blind Melon.

Greg Franklin The Hootie and the Blowfish shirt must've been in the laundry. Did Marcy Playground even make shirts?

Gregory Jacobsen: Spin Doctors

Nicci Cribbs: 4 Non Blondes

Jon Harthun: Um, Korn.

Wheels Capponi: WHAT??? No fuckin WAY Korn is on this list!! Korn is the new Black Sabbath and you all know it.

Jon Harthun: No. No they're not. They are not the new Black Sabbath.

Wheels Capponi: I'd put any Korn record up against any Black Sabbath OR Black Flag record.

Greg Franklin: How does Korn compare to Flag or Sabbath?

Wheels Capponi: They're better. That's how.