Waxwing, the beloved Northwest-based guitar-driven rock band that I saw possibly more than any other band in the early 2000s, is BACK!

I first noticed hints of their reunion via Facebook. My heart lept out of my chest as soon as I saw "2013" written below the band's familiar logo, but, given the date, I remained cautiously skeptical. Waxwing, is (and always will be) a band that's very dear to me. Their album One for the Ride remains an all-time favorite and it was a comforting soundtrack for some very difficult moments in my life. The last shows Waxwing played were in 2005, for an official farewell. Waxwing fell to the back burner as band members became busy with life and other musical projects—singer Rocky Votolato had a successful solo career, his bandmate and brother Cody Votolato was part of the Blood Brothers, and drummer Rudy Gajadhar was in Gatsby's American Dream—but 2013 is the year of Waxwing's resurrection. And not only do they have at least one upcoming show to speak of (and more to come soon, hopefully), they've also been working on new material since the beginning of the year.

Rocky Votolato kindly answered my overly-enthusiastic questions via Facebook, to confirm that this isn't a long-planned April Fool's joke.

I assume this means you're back together, yes? Temporarily? Forever? Do you know?

Yes—we're back together!

Are there any shows you can mention?

We have one show confirmed at the Vera Project for Saturday Aug 24th. Hopefully many more to come after that.

New music? Maybe? Yes? No?

Definitely new music. We have been writing since early this year and can't wait to record another record. Not sure when that will happen but we're definitely planning on it.


I'm really glad you're excited, Megan! I really am too and can't wait to see where things go with the band.

KA-BOOM! That was my heart bursting into confetti.

Tickets to the August 24 Vera show are now on sale here.

Listen to "All of My Prophets" and "Everything's on Fire" after the jump...