(Showbox at the Market) Comic books and movie franchises reboot narratives to correct course after a run of bad creative choices all the time, so why shouldn't pop bands? When British synth-pop duo OMD dropped History of Modern in 2010, it was as if the long, slow decline that followed their 1986 smash "If You Leave" had never happened. Full of simple yet indelible melodies rendered in timbres that recall the glory days of the Normal and Kraftwerk, plus a collage of voice-mail-retrieval prompts, the new English Electric does nothing to dispel that illusion. In concert, OMD go easier on the revisionist history, but latter-day singles ("So in Love," "Sailing on the Seven Seas") sound much better when flanked by classics like "Bunker Soldiers" and the solid new material. Plus, Andy McCluskey still dances like your clumsy, drunk uncle—thank god some things never change.