The German label Staubgold—which is distributed in the US by Forced Exposure—will be reissuing Patrick Vian's Bruits et Temps Analogues on May 14. Thus another holy-grail/Nurse With Wound List album becomes more accessible and affordable.

The son of writer Boris Vian, Patrick Vian was in the agitational avant-rock group Red Noise. Much different than his work in that band, Bruits et Temps Analogues is Vian’s sole solo album; it’s a Moog- and ARP-heavy excursion into wonderfully exotic atmospheres and strange melodies. It falls somewhere between the tactile, oddly shimmering tones of Haruomi Hosono’s Cochin Moon and the glowering menace of Heldon’s Un Rêve Sans Conséquence Spéciale. This is a very distinctive and thrilling place for an album to fall between.

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