You've got one day left to catch The Punk Singer, a documentary about Kathleen Hanna, at this year's Seattle International Film Festival—with director Sini Anderson in attendance.

Granted, SIFF will sometimes add a bonus screening if a film proves sufficiently popular, and if they can find a spot in the schedule, but Anderson will have probably split the scene by then (SIFF also programs encore post-fest screenings).

Like her subject, the director lives in New York, but Hanna didn't travel to Seattle for the screenings as she did to Austin for the SXSW premiere earlier this year.

Pictures from the Friday screening below—plus, a freeze-dried Pomeranian.

Sini Anderson at the Harvard Exit
  • K.C. Fennessy
  • Sini Anderson at the Harvard Exit

Another fine documentary at SIFF with a number of local connections: Amy Finkel's Furever, a film about the afterlife of pets (Finkel, who also resides in New York, hails from Seattle). Considering that I've had to euthanize a couple of cats—one just a few months ago—this subject was of particular interest to me.

Here's Greta and her freeze-fried pom, Rudy. Rest assured, she finds the whole idea as strange as you probably do. In the film, she says it helped her to get over the loss of her beloved pup. After the screening, she says she keeps him on a shelf in her home—and that she doesn't plan to freeze-dry any of her other dogs.

  • K.C. Fennessy

Finkel's film also takes on taxidermy, mummification, and cloning. I don't recall a mention of post-fest screenings at the Q&A, but a programming colleague at KCTS 9 didn't find Furever on the list of films seeking distribution, so he thinks she may have something in the works. Whether you have a cat or a dog, she spends equal time with both, and most pet owners are sure to relate. Warning: you may find yourself crying through the whole thing (Boomer, a Seattle kitty, broke my heart).

And in case you're wondering where Hanna stands on the cat vs. dog debate: she and her husband, Adam Horovitz, who appears in Anderson's doc, have a dog.

Here's one more Punk Singer pic that expresses my thoughts about the film.

Anderon and head programmer Beth Barrett
  • K.C. Fennessy
  • Anderson and SIFF programming director Beth Barrett

The next screening of The Punk Singer takes place today at 1:30pm at the Harvard Exit. Furever's next screening takes place June 9 at the Egyptian.

Postscript: Anderson is currently seeking distribution for her film. Due to its breadth, quality, and built-in audience appeal, I'm sure she'll find something good, though I'm surprised she hasn't struck a deal with the late Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Laboratories, which released Kirby Fix's Le Tigre documentary. She may be trying to avoid any confusion between the two, though both claim further Beasties associations, since Tamra Davis, Mike D's wife, served as her producer.