Seattle ice cream favorite Full Tilt has recently released a Mudhoney themed ice cream—a combination of cream, honey, fudge, and cinnamon in an Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge package. I was able to sit down with Alligator 666 zine-master and KEXP net-scribe Katherine Humphreys to get an idea of the tastes of a local taste-maker and which flavors go great together.

  • Derek Erdman

What's your age, Katherine?
(Eating ice cream) Wow, this is really good. I'm 46.

What's your age really?

Do you have a college degree?

What is it in?
English Literature.

Where did you go to school?
Skidmore College.

Do you like Graham Greene?
I dunno.

Are you an only child?

Tell me a little bit about your parents.
My mom lives in Louisana.

What do you think of the new Mudhoney ice cream from Full Tilt.
It's really good. I like the fudge.

The choice of flavors is good?
I think it's a very good combination, the fudge really stands out. At first it's just honey and cinnamon.

Is there anything that you'd approve upon with the Mudhoney ice cream?
I'd maybe add something crunchy.

What are your favorite foods?
Annie's Vegan Mac & Cheese and pad Thai.

What's your favorite band on Sub Pop?
Um... (pause)

What's better, Sub Pop or Hardly Art?
I don't want to be mean.

Thank you.
That's all?

Do you have any parting words?
Thank you for the free ice cream.

  • Derek Erdman