"Squash" comes from Don Muro's 1977 LP It's Time, a long-lost curio that Flannelgraph Records reissued in October (Light in the Attic distributes it; you can hear snippets from the album here).

Muro's a synth wizard who made a very unconventional—and god-damned lovable—record for such a cat. He's all over the place on It's Time, and wherever he wanders, he charms the the yoga pants right off you. Excursions into renegade New Age blissitude, heartfelt boogie rock that makes you want to drive 155 [sic], symphonic prog rock that's beyond ELP, majestically hushed balladry that would make Seals AND Croft cry, and bedroom disco often go on surprising tangents that only make sense after the fourth listen.

The latter style describes "Squash," which could really use an extended Tom Moulton re-edit. This track is absurdly cheerful and cheerfully absurd, inflated with helium-powered synth squiggles and deflated by "OOH OOH, YEAH YEAH"s pitched exactly between sincerity and mockery, and deadpan intonations of "squash." You'll ROFL in strict 4/4 time.