It's always interesting to compare today's world, shrunk by media and technology, to the vastness which once was the United States. This band, the Harbinger Complex, were a tough Rolling Stones-ish band from the East Bay playing concurrently, and only a few miles away, with the San Francisco bands which were perfecting the West Coast Sound and agitating for revolution. Those few miles between Fremont and SF may as well have been hundreds as there was a MASSIVE difference in influence and attitude. This was the case all over the US at that time, towns and neighborhoods were so locally isolated sometimes a band would never need to leave to get regular dates... or "progress."

Core members of the Harbinger Complex first got together as the Norsemen and played lots in Fremont, CA, by 1966 they were known as the Harbinger Complex, they recorded two 45s and spilt in late '67.