I don't think there were ever any shit covers of early Pretty Things songs. Not from Americans, at least; even tho' this version of "Don't Bring Me Down" is sightly stock, it holds up.

This 45 was issued as a double 'A' side, one side censored and the other uncensored. Seems like the standards assumed the line "laid her on the ground" was too suggestive. Uh, I kinda think the "beep" makes it sound as if he really said "fucked," but then what would else you expect from Florida!?

HM Subjects were a Miami, Florida band and first known as the Montells, who's cool "You Can't Make Me" has been widely comped. The band were heavily influenced by the English groups, directly, as their drummer had spent time in the UK. As by the HM Subjects they had two 45s, as by the Montells they had only one 45.