This week Summer Cannibals, the groovy Portland outfit that won my heart last year with this album art, will release the Make You Better EP and good news, it is great.

While last year's No Makeup had me dropping a Nancy Sinatra comparison (bold, but I stand by it), Make You Better kicks the go-go boot beats and pairs their fuzzy, dreamy vibes with a bit of a thicker Breeders/Elastica guitar-rock energy. You definitely need to add it to your playlist if you're a fan of La Luz, the Tea Cozies, or feeling cool. I mean, I know I am not cool, but listening to Summer Cannibals makes me like I am cool.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the EP here. Who knew being cool only cost $5.99?

Summer Cannibals play Neumos on January 15 with the Thermals and My Goodness. Tickets available here.