According to a theory that has been floating around the internet for a while and published in today’s Daily Mirror, British rock group Supertramp predicted 9/11 all the way back in 1979 with Breakfast In America.

The 'conspiracy' was revealed on a forum for author and theorist David Icke.

The off-the-wall cover shows a woman with a glass of orange juice in front of a rendition of the New York skyline, all from a plane window.

Forum member 'Eve' posted the pic along with the following cryptic description:

"Album came out in 1979," it reads.

"9/11 reference.

"9/11 was served with breakfast...not to mention the everyday fight for freedom: "Breakfast In America."

There’s more, but that’s enough to convince me. Hey, you know, the Seahawks have to fly to New York next week for the Super Bowl, and Pete Carroll has some questions about the darkest day of the 21st Century. You think he’s got any Supertramp on his iPod?