Sometime last year a friend sent me a photo text of a ratty file box crammed with manila envelopes. He said that he'd thought that I'd be interested, as it was the remnants of a Seattle catering company from the 1970s and 1980s. He went on to explain that it was mostly backstage food requirements for dozens of bands, and some of the pages had been mangled by rats. As my interests don't stray too far from nostalgia and food, I was interested to the max.

What we have here is a mostly boring list of things desired by Kool & the Gang while on the road in support of their 1983 LP In the Heart. While they must have been riding somewhat high from the release of the infectiously insipid love song "Joanna" (which clocks in at 4:20!), in just five short months they'd release the mega-hit LP Emergency in December of 1984. That would be Kool & the Gang's 18th LP (?!?!?!?!) up to that point. Holy shit, that's so many records!

What can be learned from today's pages? Well, Kool (or the Gang) liked Sanka and required an iron and an ironing board before their Seattle appearance at the Paramount Theatre. Oh, and if the dressing room had a tile floor, a rug was needed. There also seemed to be a pretty strict "no pork" rule backstage as well, but that's understandable. Pigs are our friends!