(Triple Door) Let me first admit that my fascination with Throwing Muses stems almost entirely from the fact that the band—which was formed in the ’80s and is led to this day by one of its founders, Kristin Hersh—was signed to 4AD, a label that gave us Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press, and, of course, the Pixies. In fact, Throwing Muses, and not the more famous Pixies, were the first American band signed to this great British institution of ’80s alternative rock. Throwing Muses’ 4AD albums are masterpieces of American indie music. They have the inelegance of punk, the energy of surf rock, and the raw poetry of a slam. The marvelous synthesis of the two early 4AD American bands (Muses and Pixies) is, of course, the Breeders.

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