(Tractor) Before we talk about music, I’d like to give a shout out to Ephrata’s band photo. It features the four members—Brady Hall, Skadi Von Reis, Jules Jones, and Ben Bromage—holding what I assume to be their pets. Band is stoic, the brown backdrop is stoic, two of the four dogs are smiling; the single cat looks pretty okay with the whole thing. Moving on. Ephrata’s sound is wavy shoegaze with everyone contributing to vocals for extra dreaminess. On “Belle of the Ball,” ripples of shiny guitar and angelic harmonies obscure what I suspect to be somewhat sinister lyrics (I definitely recommend checking out the music video for this song as well, where they take the sweet/sour concept to wonderful extremes). Ephrata also have a totally free digital-only EP coming out any minute, maybe even by the time you read this, at ephrata.bandcamp.com. Get over there! With the Soft Hill and Low Hums.

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