Lux (formerly Stash) Pot Shop

10333 Lake City Way NE

Lux's second location in Lake City (the original is in Ballard), framed with purple neon lights around the exterior, looks more like one of those nondescript sordid clubs where you can get a lap dance.

Inside, though, the atmosphere is mellow. Three big screens play Seahawks games while budtenders lean over the counter to say "hi." The slogan and idea behind the shop, emblazoned on their floor, is "Community. Culture. Cannabis." And they are in that order for a reason, says store manager James Joyce. (Yes, he is named after the author, and no, he hasn't read Ulysses: "I tried. It's long and kind of boring.")

Since the owners come from a medical marijuana background, Lux tries to grow its community with pop-ups that offer industry information. In terms of culture, they have sponsored local concerts at places like Tractor Tavern and Showbox. They have even invited a local nail salon to come in and give free manicures. Cannabis is the final part of their slogan because, Joyce explains, "We're in Washington and, well, you can find good cannabis everywhere." But according to Joyce, you can't always find a store that visits each farm themselves to build relationships with their growers.

Good ol' classic herb is still their still number-one seller, followed by concentrates and cartridges. They are also one of a few stores that carry Leira Cannagars from Gold Leaf (limited edition). "But we've also got a ton of sublinguals, distillate oils, and awesome edibles, too," he adds.

The store has daily deals on flower, edibles, beverages, and concentrates that you can check out online from Leafly and Weed Maps before coming into the store. Grams go from $10 to $19.75 for top-shelf producers. AMBER CORTES

Lux (formerly Stash) Pot Shop

10333 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125
Hours: Sun–Wed 9 am–10 pm, Thu–Sat 9 am–11:45 pm
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