NimBin Pot Shop

10861 First Ave S

NiMBiN is named after a village and "rainbow culture in Australia that's been around hundreds of years," general manager Kim Gilmore told me. "They have a festival every year where they run through the town with a joint about this room's length." We were standing in a room at least 20 feet long. "Very colorful culture." Two huge inflatable joints (not actual joints, but inflatables painted to look like joints) were resting above the shelves behind her. Asked what the local connection is to New South Wales, Gilmore explained, "The owner has relatives in Australia. It was his aunt actually who suggested" the name NiMBiN. The correct way to write it out is in all-caps letters, except for each i. They're supposed to be lower-case so they look like joints.

What sets NiMBiN apart from other stores? "We have one of the largest selections in the state," Gilmore said. "We carry more vendors than just about anybody." They also have amazing deals, including pre-rolled joints for as low as $3 and a whole jar of pre-rolled joints (half an ounce of cannabis) for $70. The store also has a "wake and bake special" from 8 to 10 am every day: Eighths are only $20. And if you join the store's rewards program, every tenth visit you get 10 percent off.

Seven employees have medical marijuana expertise. Gilmore said she developed a passion for the medical applications of cannabis after her husband's cancer treatments rendered him permanently disabled.

No surprise, given their prices, NiMBiN is popular: They have about 600 customers a day, according to Gilmore. They also often have a Nacho Average Food Truck parked outside. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

NimBin Pot Shop

10861 First Ave S, Seattle, WA 98168
Hours: daily 8 am–11:45 pm
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