BelMar Bellevue Marijuana Store

638 116th Ave NE

A funky oasis in the middle of giant luxury auto dealerships (you know, for those times when you need a gram and a new Lexus), BelMar draws you in with its bright storefront and enthusiastic, dancing sign spinner out front (yes, he loves his job).

Inside, the vibe is fast-paced. Lil Wayne is blasting on the speakers, giving the store a decidedly urban and edgy feel. The young, tattooed, and pierced staff look like people you'd want to party with.

They've got eighths for as low as $25 and as much as $75. "We have something for the connoisseur and for someone who just wants their bud," says budtender Nikole Trickler.

Their top seller in the flower category is Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS). They carry a full selection of their lines, like Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Pink Sherbet, and more, at mid- to low-shelf prices. Another favorite brand is Triumph (formerly Omega), from a grower in Arlington who produces Star-Dawg, which doesn't seem to last even a minute on their shelves: "We just got it in yesterday, and it's already out," says Trickler.

And, well, I'll be dabbed: On the way out, I saw an entire wall of wax, shatters, and concentrates in flavors that would rival the Willy Wonkiest of candy factories (Pineapple, Rainbow, and Grape Kush, Cherries Jubilee, and more). There was a selection of sugar waxes (good for "twaxing" joints, I was told), in a ton of flavor profiles. Phat Panda 12th Man Down is the brand of choice. "That one," says the salesperson, "will really knock you the fuck out." AMBER CORTES

BelMar Bellevue Marijuana Store

638 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Hours: Mon–Fri 8 am–12 am, Sat–Sun 10 pm–12 am
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