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Asadero El Mesquito

Asadero El Mesquite (sometimes referred to as Asadero Ballard), is the relative restaurant of Kent's Asadero Sinaloa. Both locations offer a dizzying array of m...

Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers

Pretty much everybody knows about Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers. The restaurant, which began as a festival booth in 1987 and took over the old Ballard Sk...

BBQ Chicken

This place indeed serves barbecued chicken, but also Korean food, which tipper Terry says is good: "Their gochujang packs a lot more heat than at other Korean p...

BBQ Pete's

Bitterroot BBQ

Bitterroot, in the old Acme Rubber Stamp Shop on the corner by Hattie’s Hat, uses an in-house smoker and picturesque stacks of applewood to very good effect, es...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm; Daily 11 pm-1 am.

Bourbon & Bones

Brought to you by Michael Law—formerly of the Wandering Goose, and, perhaps more importantly, North Carolina—and located in the former Anita’s Crepes spot in Fr...

Brileys BBQ and Grill


Carolina Smoke

In the quest for great barbecue in the Pacific Northwest, some say this is the best. Others, predictably, disagree.

Cask & Trotter

Happy Hour: Daily 3-6 pm; Thu-Sat 10-11 pm.

Davids & Co.

Located in The Boeing Company Gallery at Benaroya Hall. They offer BBQ at lunch.

Dixie's BBQ

Located basically under a freeway overpass in Bellevue, Dixie's is where you go to meet "the Man," which is some real damn hot barbecue sauce.

Drunky Two Shoes BBQ

At Drunky Two Shoes BBQ, all the meat is slow-smoked for up to 16 hours by chef Brendan Fitzgerald (formerly of Armadillo Barbeque, when it was in Woodinville),...

Drunky Two Shoes BBQ 2

As the name implies, Drunky Two Shoes BBQ 2 is the second location for restaurateur Nate Rezac, who already owns barbecue haven Drunky Two Shoes BBQ in Fremont...

Emma's BBQ

Hillman City gets a new BBQ joint, Emma's BBQ. It has all the good-but-not-good-for-you things you expect from a BBQ place—in giant portions.

Fortuna Cafe

Praised for its pan-fried pea vines, hot pot specials and ultra-cheap "lunch boxes" to go, this cafe/restaurant run by a husband-and-wife team is continuously...

Frontier Cafe

Gabriel's Fire

At barbecue joint Gabriel’s Fire, Gabe and his brother make it dry-rub-style, then you choose from various sauces. Sandwiches come on Grand Central Bakery rolls...


Gert’s slogan is “Flavor for your soul,” and their barbecue just might beat the pants off all the other barbecue in Seattle. In a word, it is GRUBBIN’. Also, Ge...


My dear old mum recently decided she'll be retiring on Vashon Island, assuring me a future of ferrying over to change lightbulbs and clean gutters when her bela...

Harbor City

To love a roasted duck is to also love the way the Chinese cut their meat: with a bold rhythm and a democratic method. Every section receives the same swift cho...

HardWok Cafe

This International District café serves Taiwanese street food—inexpensive small dishes of meat, fish, rice, veggies, noodles, and fried things—and bubble tea. I...

Hawaii BBQ

Hole in the Wall

Jack's BBQ

Jack's BBQ, the barbecue joint owned by former Microsoft employee and barbecue nerd Jack Timmons (who's spent time at the BBQ Summer Camp at the Meat Sciences d...

Jack’s BBQ

A serious barbecue nerd, Jack Timmons grew up in Texas, then moved to Seattle, then went back to Texas to engage in some serious barbecue scholarship—including...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm.

Jones BBQ

This barbeque place has little to prove—it must merely continue in its deliciousness. Among the popular favorites: giant ribs smoked with Northwestern cedar, sp...

Kau Kau

Offering cheap Chinese food at its finest, Kau Kau’s atmosphere is the perfect balance of interesting/odd decor and unpretentious functionality. The counter up...

King's Barbecue House


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