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'Ohana Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Happy Hour: Mon-Tue 4-11:30 pm; Wed-Thu 5-7 pm, 9-11:30 pm; Fri 4-7 pm; Sun 9-11:30 pm.


2120, located in Amazon's "Day 1" building, is a New American-esque place with a substantial cocktail program and brunch, too. The restaurant's creative drink l...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm.

5 Point Cafe

The Five Point is inarguably one of Seattle’s best dive bars. The floppy, salty fries have never seen the inside of a freezer, and if you like an old-school ope...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 6-9 am, 4-6 pm.

Aburiya Bento House

This new Belltown sushi spot offers bento boxes and sushi rolls, with happy hour options like nigiri and sashimi sampler boxes and "poke cups" (poke served in a...

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6 pm; Fri-Sat 9-11 pm.


This restaurant/bar serves new American food, has a giant drink menu, and specializes in supersugary cocktails.

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm; Mon-Thu 9-11 pm; Sun all day.

Artisan Cafe

Artisan Cafe serves breakfast, sandwiches, salads, boxed lunches, and frozen yogurt.


Great news for fans of Babirusa, the beloved bar from the now-defunct Blind Pig Bistro: Owners Rene Gutierrez and Charles Walpole have re-opened the bar in the...

Bambino's Pizzeria

Bambino's proofs their pizza dough for two days, tops it with locally grown ingredients, and fire roasts it in a brick oven to make their Neapolitan pie tutto n...

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6 pm, 9-11 pm.

Bang Bang Cafe

If sisters/owners Miki and Yuki Sodos can’t put you in a good mood for the day, nothing will. Excellently pulled espresso: check. Excellent sandwiches, soups, e...

Bar Abajo

A gin focused, cold tapas cocktail bar (think sardines and other salty small plates), located in the former Pintxo space.

Bedlam Coffee

This Belltown cafe serves coffee, tea, toast, and desserts, and it's got a private meeting room that can be reserved for free. It also supports a grazillion com...


Bellini in Belltown serves a classic southern Italian menu, plus pizza by the slice at lunch. (Mamma Enza of Sorrentino/Enza Cucina Siciliana/Polpetta is no lon...

Belltown Pizza

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm.

Belltown Pub

Happy Hour: Daily 10 pm-1 am.

Biscuit Bitch

Do not plan to do any heavy lifting or swimming for several hours after you've ingested one of Biscuit Bitch's nigh-monstrous (and yummy) creations, like the "G...

Black Bamboo

Where dive-bar-supreme Kelly's used to be, Black Bamboo makes Chinese food that is reportedly pretty good.

Black Bottle

If architecture firms have cafeterias, they probably look like this. People are here to hang out rather than hit on each other relentlessly, and they’re here to...

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6 pm.

Boat Street Kitchen

This obscurely located but lovely French-ish bistro from Renee Erickson (now more well-known for the later Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard and the Whale Win...

Happy Hour: Tue-Thu 5-7 pm.


Branchwater, formerly called Commonwealth, features a menu of craft cocktails with a southern focus, plus an outdoor space--fire pit included.

Brasserie Margaux

Happy Hour: Daily 4-7 pm.

Buckley's in Belltown

Belltown party spot Buckley's has self-service beer. WOO!

Happy Hour: Mon all day; Daily 10 pm-close; Tue-Fri 3-6 pm.

Buffalo Deli

Cafe Bella

Cantina Leña

The newest restaurant in the Tom Douglas empire, “inspired by the rustic cooking of Mexico.” The kitchen is built around a wood-fired pit and grill and features...

Cedar & Spokes Coffee

This cafe offers coffee, tea, wine, beer, spirits, and light refreshments like paninis, avocado toast, and salads.

Cherry Street Coffee House

Cherry Street Coffee House

The Belltown outpost of Cherry Street Coffee, featuring funky decor and a yummy menu.

Cherry Street Coffee House

Chili + Sesame Korean Kitchen

This authentic Korean eatery serves standards like dumplings, bulgogi, and kimchi fried rice in addition to beer, wine, and soju.

Chin Chins

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