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All Restaurants in University District/Ravenna/Sand Point

A Burger Place

A Pizza Mart

Happy Hour: Daily midnight-2 am, 2-7 pm.

Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club

Begin by paddling away from the Agua Verde Paddle Club with someone you like. Proceed in tandem to marvel at the water, at the Montlake Bridge as seen from bene...

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 4-6 pm.

Aladdin Falafel Corner

Aladdin Falafel Corner, just up the street from Aladdin Gyro-cery, is another great late-night option if you find yourself on the Ave. As the name implies, they...

Aladdin's Gyro-cery and Deli

Aladdin Gyrocery’s falafel and gyro sandwiches are perfect student food: cheap, fast, filling, portable. That the gyros happen to be delicious is an added bonus...

Alcove Dining Room

This new Brazilian-Northwest spot in the former space of Tempero de Brasil is run by Mamnoon alum and Cutthroat Kitchen and Master Chefcompetitor Emme Ribeiro C...

Aloha Kitchen

Amazing Thai Restaurant

Anita's Bistro

Araya's Place

It’s Thai vegan heaven, on the Ave and in Madison Valley (in the semi-hidden little house where fancy-pants Rover’s used to be). Deep-fried spring rolls are exe...

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen

The food that comes out of Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen is as warm and satisfying as its cozy interior. Located in a quaint green cottage adjacent to Grand Illusion...

Arriba Cantina

This Pacific Coast-inspired Mexican restaurant serves fresh Pacific Northwest-influenced fare with local ingredients, like seasonal salsas with rhubarb and haba...

Atlantic Crossing

A cozy neighborhood tavern with a super-friendly owner tending the bar. They specialize in English and Irish drinks, so if you are from across the pond you can...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm, 11 pm-midnight.

Ba Bar

You can get yourself fed—with the one of the city’s best bowls of pho, no less—from the morning till the wee hours at this stylish Vietnamese mini-chain, with l...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm; Sat-Sun 3-5 pm.

Bagel Oasis

The Bagel Oasis lives up to its name, making actually good bagels in the bagel-desert that is Seattle.

Ban Hua Sai

Thai restaurant at the location of the former Cucina Americana.

Banh Mi Unwrapped

Barbecue Smith

Texas Barbecue joint serving a variety of meats from a giant smoker.

Happy Hour: Daily 3-6 pm.

BB's Teriyaki Grill

A teriyaki haven on the Ave, popular with UW students and loved for its spicy teriyaki sauce and generous helpings of veggies on the side to justify the main, d...

BBQ Chicken

This place indeed serves barbecued chicken, but also Korean food, which tipper Terry says is good: "Their gochujang packs a lot more heat than at other Korean p...

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger is decorated with tons of tigers, doing every possible thing a tiger can do. Don't let that distract you from the Indian food, which is rumored to...

Happy Hour: Daily 3-6 pm.

Best of Bento

Big Bowl Noodle House

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

The quintessential college bar, the Big Time has big wooden tables and offers affordable, hearty food for lean students and rich, dark beers for everyone. The S...

Happy Hour: Daily 2-5 pm, 10 pm-close.

Black Pearl

Bombay Grill

Bombay Grill is a(nother) U-District standby for Indian food, and it is a place with history—the building once housed the first Indian restaurant in Seattle, th...

Broadcast Coffee

Broadfork Cafe

The owners who previously bought the U-District location of Chaco Canyon Cafe have re-opened the place as their own venture, with a similarly organic, sustainab...

Brunello Ristorante Italiano

Brunello is a traditional Italian eatery located in the heart of Roosevelt. It's as welcoming for a first date as it is for a family night out. People especiall...

Burger Hut

The Ave.'s Burger (and kabob) Hut is a hit among UW students--it's open 'til 3 am each night, and serves classic burgers as well as paneer burgers and chicken m...

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