All Weed Locations in SoDo/Georgetown/South Park

Cannabis City

Ah, Cannabis City, Seattle's first pot shop. Or, as they've dubbed themselves, "the pot shop heard around the world." Their first day saw a frenzy of news crews...

Canvas Event Space

Diego Pellicer

Dockside Cannabis

Dockside's Sodo shop is emblematic of the new direction in pot retailing brought on by legalization: big, open floor plans, lots of light, and classy decor. Doc...

Ganja Goddess

Ganja Goddess, which was among the first wave of Sodo "Green Light District" shops, is also one of the first women-owned pot businesses. Shortly after legalizat...

Heylo Cannabis Extracts

This cannabis processor provides "terpene-rich cannabis extracts with balanced THC and CBD ratios for the mind and body." Nothing is for sale.

Homegrown Helpers Farmacy

Kush Tourism

Former Stranger pot writer Tobias Coughlin-Bogue called this one of the best ways to see behind the scenes of the legal weed industry, as it grants you access t...

Northwest Homegrown

The Bakeréé

They say: "The Bakeréé is an award-winning Washington State Licensed (I-502) retailer, providing only the finest recreational and medical cannabis products to o...

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