Are you in love? In lust? In a complicated situationship that started because of a drunken and convenient New Year's Eve kiss but now you're ready to take things to the next level by publicly declaring your adoration in the permanency of newsprint?

Good news, The Stranger's reader Valentines are back, and they're IN PRINT!

That's right, we're collecting all of your little love notes—150 characters max—and cramming them into our next print issue, which hits the streets on February 2! 

Only the first 2,000 entries are guaranteed to appear in the paper, and submissions must be received by 9 am Wednesday, January 24 for possible inclusion. All entries—so long as they aren't mean or nonsense—will appear online.

But c'mon, don't you want your crush to be able to pore over a copy of The Stranger at their favorite coffeeshop on a chilly February afternoon, looking for their little love note so they can cut it out, laminate it with a piece of Scotch tape, and carry it around in their wallet? Of course you do!

💘 Declare your love in The Stranger now! 💘

*Disclaimer: One per customer, please. Duplicates, mean-spirited valentines, and nonsensical gibberish will be rejected. No last names, please. Any accepted valentines submitted after the first 2,000 will appear in the paper if space is available. All acceptable valentines received will appear online. ☹️ Emojis will not be printed ☹️.