It looked like such a nice letter, at least from the outside.
It came in this card, so pretty from the outside. LP

It came by snail mail, and it was hand-written on an Ocean Conservancy card, one with curling turquoise coral on its cover. It almost looked like a thank you card.

But no. It was an outraged reader, and like the long line of outraged readers that have come before him, he claims he's done with The Stranger.

He does not like pot coverage but he seems to love stickers. LP

Here's the transcription:

Dear Editor-in-Chief,
After looking at your Vol. 27, No. 12, 2018 edition, I have decided not to bother with picking up anymore publications of your newspaper. First, your newspaper had less journalistic fare & tons of booze ads when WA. State decided to "liberalize" the sale of alcoholic beverages. Now, with the legalization of pot (yay), your newspaper has become a rag just featuring pot stories and tonnes (sic) of pot ads & 0 % journalistic stories of note to read. Your paper is only good for wrapping up food scraps & garbage to throw in the refuse bin. :>P Yes, you do need the income from ads to survive but really, do we need issue after issue just devoted to "stoner" stories? Rename your paper to a pot relate (sic) title. Sincerely, Phil Ambrosino.

Washington State was the first (simultaneous with Colorado) to legalize recreational marijuana. We have been covering it since—which has meant a Stranger-like mix of reporting and profiles and personal essays and more. We're going to keep writing about weird new products and new business schemes and times we got so stoned we almost peed our pants.

We're sad to see you go, Phil, but thank you for all the stickers saying "Register Communists Not Firearms," as well as the stickers of your own name, as well as that digital coupon for a Lean Cuisine chicken-and-peanut-sauce meal that's good through May 24. We consider this a win.