The Stranger's local election news coverage has been OK; I'm thankful for The Stranger's contribution, but I've branched out a bit to C is for Crank, that SCCC Insight blog, Crosscut (ugh), Seattle Transit Blog, The Urbanist (high highs and low lows), Sightline (I want to give their "legalize inexpensive housing" project all my money when I die), etc.

The Stranger's endorsements seem pretty out of touch this year though. That or I've finally aged out of The Stranger's target demographic.


Surveys don't typically include illustrations that reflect initial bias.


Somehow the Stranger just lost it's own primary with this poll. Speaking to their own audience and writing the poll questions and still can't clear 50%. The SECB, like the Times, seems to just rubber stamp whoever is closest to their mindset. Not exactly the public service of the 4th estate we thought we'd always have around.


"just because of your incredible bias I will not change my vote for Gossett"

Literally laughed out loud.

That'll show 'em, Andrew!

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