OK so let's get down to basics:
who are you aiming for? You're obviously maneuvering to be able to choose and back someone… And you know who that is right now… So let's cut to the chase… Who are you trying to support?
Don't really see the problem with the dog poop story, I'm so sick of the strangers anti-dog poop agenda!
I'm supporting that lawyer lady now. Im sick of this shit. I want bureaucratic competency.
Aide is a person who assists with a task, aid is an item used to assist with a task; your photo caption should say "visual aid." #usage
"HG: Yes, that you and your fellow Democrats supported.
BH: All the Democrats, yes."

Hasegawa (D). The D is for d bag.
Do you people in your little urbanist bubbles imagine for even a second that (1) transit is the sole determining issue in this election, (2) that your position on it is the most representative position in the city, that (3) there isn't a considerable backlash against Sound Transit overreach IN THE FUCKING CITY, and (4) that Bob's position, although it isn't the same as yours is really, honestly, and irrevocably "anti-transit?"

Pull your heads out of your asses, Heidi and the rest of you. Bob is going to be on your November ballot against the authoritarian anti-pot warrior Durkan, the darling of big business and the bourgeoisie. McGinn, Farrell, and Moon will all take votes from each other, and Oliver has no prior experience in government, and is way ahead of her time.

Meanwhile Bob is out there calling for a municipal bank, municipal broadband, a whole slate of worker and tenant protection laws, more public housing, a steep rise in developer impact fees, no more homeless sweeps, and NO NEW YOUTH JAIL.

The urbanist al-Qaeda around here and the our-way-or-the-highway yuppie transit bros don't like him. We get that. We also get that they're not the only ones who live here, or the only ones who vote. You had better come to terms with Bob, because he's going to be our next mayor, and the sooner the better.
Oh, and the transit will get built under Bob's adminstration, count on it. Bob's union, remember? Bob's for jobs.
There's like two dozen candidates for Mayor.

Tell us about the real loons running.

And try reporting on all the multiple candidate council races.
So after the *clearly stated* $54 billion levy gets approved across three counties with a population totaling over 3.5 million people, we *still* have to fight over the funding within our city government, our state government AND FUCKING TRUMP?! jesus. I wish it was a $54 trillion tax on cars. Cars ruin everything. This guy lives right around the corner from me and I've spoken to him casually on the sidewalk a few times, he's a really sweet man, but no way in hell you slow down our train progress. Not after all this fucking debacle over it. WE'RE FINALLY FUCKING GETTING A SUBWAY SYSTEM!! After 100 years! You know when Boston built their subway? 1897. If you have gripes with the ST Board, fine. Whatever. Maybe the structure of that could be tinkered with, but it would be a major blow to the planning of our train system that will finally connect our 4 major population centers if the financing is threatened locally and federally. I only hold one humble vote, and this is enough to realize that I will not be giving it to this man.

Thank you Heidi Groover from the Stranger for writing this the way it should be written about. Biased.
Typo in the post. Refers to the 15 billion as 15 million once.
Jesus christ those neighborhood permits are max 65 bucks. whoooo caaaaaaaares boooooob
His position on the permits is just staggeringly idiotic. You live near a station, you're already getting way more than your fair share of a public good--walking distance to the highest-quality transit in the region. Thanks to the neighborhood permit program, those very same people also get to hoard more than their fair share of another public good--government provided car storage space in a convenient location. You just have to pay a small administrative fee. What Hasegawa wants to do is make sure they not only get both of these privileges, but that the rest of us pay to administer their special car storage privileges. Unbelievable.
lmao, transit bro. ugh so sick of all the TOXIC MASCULINITY with these TRANSIT BROS.
Wanting trains. So toxic. Much masculine.
He'd have to be a naive idiot to believe that the Republican-led plan will actually provide oversight, instead of just acting as a new set of barriers and speed bumps to grind transit spending to a halt, to punish city-dwellers/Puget Sounders. And I don't think he's a naive idiot.

So that leaves disingenuous, pandering, misinformed, or a combination of all three. There are too many good candidates in this race to put up with a dude who, when given the chance to clarify his position, doubles down on this bullshit.
Seriously, the man may be suffering from early dementia.
A Republican-led proposal would replace the current board of elected officials with part-timers who would be prohibited from holding any other elected position and would make $10,000 a year.

Yes, that's just the slate of folks I'd want to have overseeing a $54B, multi-decade project, which is vital to the long-term economic health of our region. Part-timers who won't make $15/hour if they work more than four months out of the year.

Rep. Hasegawa, that proposal was unquestionable evidence that you're getting played. That you cannot see this absolutely disqualifies you from becoming chief executive of my city.
Hey Bob Hasegawa, it's the GOP, not Sound Transit, that's dog poop.
@22: So now Seattleites have a good idea of who NOT to elect their next mayor, yes?
It's excruciating reading Hasegawa's inarticulate attempt to walk back his position on ST.

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