"long-term investing in covering diverse community is sustainable."

@1 It might mean "covering (a) diverse community" could be profitable. ??
Also this: "we pander to white men every day and it's not called pandering, it's called 'news'".

Okay, so everything from reporting a traffic accident to the Wikileaks of Team Hillary emails is pandering to white men. Hence logic then dictates that to remain diligent in our efforts to be politically correct we should avoid watch the news, from Steve Pool to Rachel Maddow.
It's amazing how much screen real estate just a single tweet takes up.
@3 It is likely that the person who wrote that tweet is oblivious to the racist perspective it reveals. I am certain they would deny it. They always do.
Low salaries in journalism presumably are a barrier to white journalist as well as JOC…
this "lib/prog dude" is going to go home and listen to some prog now!
Ok so the stranger is 80% white, so how is the stranger going to address this and fix it?

I think the idea is that wealthy people (and their children) can afford to take jobs that pay well in cultural influence, but not very well in money, while people without stockpiled wealth can not afford that tradeoff. Which I suppose includes the unstated assumption that white people are disproportionately likely to be wealthy, but I'm pretty sure the data would back that up.
So Ana and these folks think Journalism is an amusement to pass the idle time of the indolent rich?
I hope someone mentioned that journalism for white folks and POC is in trouble. Journalism has been hemorrhaging jobs for decades. Quality, objective, independent, fact-based, verifiable, in-depth, original reporting is nearly extinct. Journalism as we know it has been under relentless attack. Truth can be very unpopular. Literally thousands of newspaper, magazine, broadcast and wire service jobs that existed a decade ago are gone, gone, gone -- and affirmative action is not going to bring them back. The collapse of journalism's business model is everyone's problem.

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