Fuck that shit. Unless he decided to give up being a Nazi and was going to out his fellow fascists, what could he possibly say that would be worth hearing? All KUOW did was give him an opportunity to try to make himself a sympathetic figure. Fuck them.
This slogan that the remedy for hate speech is more speech is only a slogan. It's a thing a guy once said. It's not a fact. It's not a theory. No evidence of any kind has ever been presented that it works. We didn't end slavery with robust open debate. It wasn't like slavery would end if only we gave the slaveholders a better public platform and gave more attention to their side of the story. They didn't stop the rise of the Nazis with robust counter arguments. Letting white supremacists tweet all they wanted and run riot on Facebook didn't prevent a while supremacist taking over the presidency. Giving them a platform only normalized and emboldened them.

Throwing a banana is kind of comical, but it's not far from spitting on someone. You should be ready to have your clock cleaned if you shout racist shit a people and then start throwing shit at people.

Fuck these self-righteous, self-aggrandizing cunts who think they're enlightened as fuck for normalizing Nazis. The reason they can pretend to be so fair minded is that they don't for a second think Trump's white supremacist agenda will ever cost them anything. They no more identify with Nazi targets than with Nazis, and from their privileged point of view the two might as well be equivalent.

We censor child pornographers because child pornography is not a legitimate political point of view. Free and open debate loses nothing by silencing such speech. Grinding other races under the white man's boot is just as illegitimate a political point of view.
And now this post adds thousands of viewers to that interview.
This wasn't some left vs. right battle, this was a good Samaritan standing up for some people being harassed—why on Earth would you interview the harasser?
The far right is often treated with complacency. Should we let them into the public debate? Their views might be different, but aren’t they just other opinions?

What’s obvious after a year [undercover] inside the alt-right is that we cannot become complacent. These are not just opinions. These are organisations that actively foment hate and promote violence towards large groups of people. They are dangerous and their dangerous ideology must be confronted, wherever it appears.
The Nazi (why put the neo- in front of it; if he agrees with the ideology, he's a Nazi) said he was afraid for his safety? That sounds about as BS as the cops who say they shot someone because they were afraid for their safety.
Fucking 90% of all days are some jewish holiday or another. There's no avoiding jewish holidays, holiday eves, or a-week-after-a-holiday. Those are "Texas Bullseye's"

Here's why KUOW interviewed him: He's in the news.

Story over. If you disagree, just attempt, with your ultra-limited imagination, what other political views might some day (or once were) considered too improper to be "given" a platform.
@6 some dude walked up from nowhere and punched him in his face. He's not afraid for his safety, his safety has already been violated.
I'm surprised his name has not surfaced in the first 12 comments.
So now every fucking white supremist Nazi asshole that wants to get on the airwaves knows how to get there!!
And, by interviewing this person, you are in part, saying to them, "We care about and respect your opinions".
Never, should anybody give respect to a Nazi!!
'm not keen on KUOW running what amounts to a freak show segment on a neo Nazi.

Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking when SLOG decided to whore out the video for advertising clicks.

If you consider Nazism to be just another political view, you should fuck yourself.
Sounds to me like "the Stranger" staff is just upset that KUOW managed to scoop them by getting this interview first.

Yeah, sure, that's why.
@8 (sportlandia): There are about a dozen significant Jewish holidays each year plus a handful of minor ones, depending on how observant you. (@12/pansack says you're Jewish but I think he's just trolling.)

EVERYBODY: "On a Jewish holiday" is not a valid reason to supress a story about a Nazi. The interview stands or falls based on content.
So now every fucking white supremist Nazi asshole that wants to get on the airwaves knows how to get there!!
And, by interviewing this person, you are in part, saying to them, "We care about and respect your opinions".
Never, should anybody give respect to a Nazi!!
This means that more of us will now have to punch the Nazis that surface because KUOW decided to give them an anonymous platform.
i used to fight nazis at punk shows in Portland when I was a lad. Definitely a young mans game. This particular nazi seemed ill prepared for the typical reaction to his kind. The ones I punched always had lots of friends, weapons, and mace close at hand.

i think the reason people "defend" nazis on this and other forums isn't because they love them or their beliefs (if you think every conservative is a nazi you might want to tone it down a fuzz) My guess is that it's just a reaction to the claims that a nazi in public affirms the inherently racist nature of our country that the left loves to espouse. And an inch of ground given to the left on that subject feels like a mile because they are so smarmy and condescending in victory.

Fucking political discourse these days...what a shit show.
Nazis are now one side of "both sides" journalism? Welcome to Trump's America.
@22: the nature of our country IS inherently racist. our history bears that out. we've been struggling with it since before we were America. our president established his electoral legitimacy with a blatantly racist attack on Obama. this isn't just "espousing" some belief. it's a hard truth that white people need to WTFU about, particularly when white supremacists feel emboldened to crawl out of their holes.

but white people don't like mommy when she's upset, because it makes them feel bad. they want daddy to tell them that mommy's just emotional, this land was made for you and me, now go to sleep.
This is a fun read: "When Dissent Became Treason".
American History! Interesting Parallels!
So Radke, having given a huge public platform to a harasser, to someone who supports inane hatred of a entire class of people based on ephemeral characteristics.....

I assume he will now give over his microphone to all the other "sides" who don't propose killing half our population.

Right KUOW?
the Nazi explained he wouldn't give his name because, he said, his landlord forbid him from doing so because she didn't want the Antifa showing up at her property.

I don't think anyone has to worry about anti-fascists showing up; he --and the landlord-- are going to have to worry about their neighbors...
@max Solomon. You and I see our country differently then. I see our racist past as something irrefutable, yes. Something that needs to be more formally addressed (reparations possibly). But I also think we are more accepting, tolerant, and integrated than you and your ilk give us credit for. i also believe that the American dream while historically exclusive has less to nearly no barriers left and people today, whatever political stripe, are not consciously harboring racist thoughts and more importantly, are not acting in racist ways.

I live in a multi cultural, multi ethnic family though and that's my experience. Maybe your experience is different.

At any rate, seeing a nazi get punched in the face brings back wild childhood memories, but doesn't put me on high alert for a racist resurgence in the US.
Anyone else get the feeling that "landlord" == "mom"?
The main reason racist knuckleheads like this guy are able to get any traction with their whole "I'm just defending Free Speech" routine is because the political left in this country has largely abandoned free speech as a core value. All my lefty friends are tripping over themselves to make sure that the words "free speech" never appear outside of scare-quotes, and to chime in at every opportunity about how awesome it is to punch people in the head for peace and justice.

@29 - You have lefty friends that think the government should arrest people for their speech? I don't believe you. Also, this may surprise you, but racist knuckleheads have had traction in this country for a while - even since before Milo couldn't give a speech at a college, which is not a right guaranteed by the constitution. But good job excusing fascists for their behavior and blaming it on people who oppose fascism. You seem like a really smart guy. You, the google douche, and Piers Morgan should start a band. Call it the You're the Real Racists. Or maybe the Well, Actuallys.
@8 Yeah, only the High Holidays, the most important ones in the Jewish calendar.
@29 -- Have you ever been in a fight before in your life? And if so, was it because you or another party did something stupid? Did it ever occur to somebody that Kid Himmler something really stupid and deliberate, and just wrote a check his ass couldn't cash?

Would you judge someone getting laid out for:

* Walking around waving a Hezbollah banner in Jersualem's Mea Shearim?

* Waving a UDF flag in a Catholic neighborhood in Belfast in the 70s/80s (hell, maybe even today)?

He went to Third and Pine wearing a NSDAP armband and got punched by a black man (And I don't know if the guy who punched him was "Antifa" or what. By the way, good job on all you CHUDs that learned a new word in the past six months, but "Antifa" isn't a fucking organization).

He's just lucky the Black Israelites weren't around or he might have ended up going home in a fucking box.

Concern troll a little harder, dumbshit.

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