Oh please.
How about they list the budget for the wedding (and honeymoon)?
And why not also include the expenses for the recent trip to Italy (since that apparently is what wiped out their money forcing them to create the registry)?


Poor Mudede, he still can't believe the black man did it.


thanks for injecting some reality into this story, Katie. I hope they raise 10 million dollars. it would help compensate for the years she was robbed of and the hate she will suffer for the rest of her life.

the trip back to Italy was (probably) expenses-paid, @2. she participated in a panel discussion for the Italian Innocence Project. I wouldn't take that trip on my own dime, and neither would you.


"Those traditions are outmoded."

Unlike the new tradition of shaking down your wedding guests (and the public at large) to pay for your wedding... WTF?


According to whatever it is I read while in bed this morning, Max, the reason for this is that she did, in fact, pay for the trip herself.

He’s here with me right now 3, drinking white whine. Just looked at a closeup of asparagus or something.

What colorful language he used.


"Besides, after spending four years in jail and eight years on trial for a crime she did not commit,"

If you want to drink out of the trough that David Marriott fed to the US Media about Amanda Knox, it is your right. However, Knox's verdict was overturned on technicality, (mainly by Rafaello Sollecito's attorneys)

If you want to write that the evidence was questionable, especially the DNA evidence that help overturned the verdict on appeal, go right ahead, but don't write "A crime she did not commit". It is like saying OJ Simpson was castigated for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a crime he did not commit.

There is a huge amount of evidence that Amanda Knox was responsible for Meredith Kercher's death. From both their blood mixed in together, to the luminol showing the wiped blood of shoes going back and forth from Meredith Room and the Bathroom. Including the bloody foot print on the bathmat.

Amanda tried to frame her former boss, who recently fired her. If you want to write that the case was not beyond reasonable doubt, fine, but to say Amanda Knox was wrongly convicted, ignores the huge amount of direct and circumstantial evidence tying Rudy Guede, Rafaello Sollecito and Amanda Knox to the crime scene.

I just find it incredible how people completely overlooked opporutunity, motive and the lies that Amanda Knox has told about this case, when she started her alibi on Nov. 2nd, 2007 around mid day in Perugia.


Foxy Knoxy is def still Foxy. Those eyes


@7, what was the motive?


I don't know, my sister and brother-in-law rented out the Presidio for their wedding, and it wasn't a big deal. Probably cost a lot more than a Doctor Who themed wedding.

Haters just got to hate.


WOW... its almost like nobody commenting read the article! Go figure.


I like three buck chuck.


@2 Holy shit, she still visits Italy?!


@4 the only compensation she’s owed is from the italian criminal justice system; not the general public. and the news articles i’ve read state that the couple claim they spent their wedding fund going back to italy.

so, yes, it would be stupid to pay for that trip oneself. you wouldn’t take that trip on your dime and neither would i but clearly, they (both of them) were that dumb. sorry but pay for your own wedding after you’ve made a stupid mistake; or at least make your parents pay. that’s what other people, hoping to not have the media twist their intentions, would do.


Still seems an exhibitionist to me. Has since day 1.


I STILL think she's a murderer and a disgusting mooch.


The registry is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure any millennial who does this sort of thing would end up being mocked on Yahoo! News, so I'm not sure why Amanda expected anything different.

P.S. Anxiously awaiting Charles Mudede's hot take. Can't decide what his angle will be.


The link to fund is up and running on her public instagram still. Is she really going to return cash to the many strangers who have donated already who are not invited? Nah , always the victim who courts attention with 50,000 followers and blames the media.


Amanda Knox is a sociopath. She just got paid, what, $20K from Italy, that's not enough for her? Meredith Kercher was the victim and her family deserves to be paid for their pain and suffering. Amanda just cannot stay out of the limelight. She is an attention whore. Anyone who believes she is innocent needs to listen to and/or read (listening is better) to her talking to her mother the very first time her mother visited her in prison after she was arrested. She is laughing and joking and talking about how the police have nothing and totally dismisses the fact that her hand print was found on Meredith's face. She prattles on like a self-absorbed child, totally unaffected about having the fact that she is in prison and her roommate was just brutally murdered. She got away with murder and she has to continue to throw it people's faces every chance she gets. She JUST RETURNED TO ITALY. She chose to spend a shit ton of money returning to the scene of the crime. Not understanding how revolting and tacky her begging for other people to pay for her wedding, reception, and honeymoon is not at all surprising. W/hat IS surprising is that people out there will pay. Her family literally went bankrupt doing everything they could to prevent her from spending her life in prison. It's too bad they were successful. The world would be better if Amanda was rotting in jail for the rest of her life.


Oh and if this was in any way about her friends and family making her dreams come true she and her fiance could have done it privately ~ with a site only friends and family could access. She (they) clearly want and expect and know strangers will donate to her. She knew full well she would get a shit ton of backlash for this bullshit and she revels in it. She is repugnant.


Amanda complains about the negative attention while seizing the opportunity to promote her murder podcast. She is the one who keeps the bookmark on that page in 2007.


I'm not seeing any spin in what I've read about it. It's being reported that they are crowdfunding a wedding. They get blowback and play the victim card and misrepresent that it's not only the guests that can donate. If they want to try that knock themselves out but the only spin here is Herzog trying to help them spin blowback for crowd funding a wedding.


What ever happened to envelopes of cash?


Asking wedding guests for cash as gifts - normal
Asking strangers for money for your wedding and “gifting” them your poetry - a bit strange

Surely people can see the difference right?




@7, 20, 21 i can't remember if I had any respect for either of you, but I don't now.

you're still citing debunked tabloid bullshit and investigatorial/prosecutorial fuck-ups, what, 8 years after the court of cassation let her and sollecito go to salvage some shred of italy's reputation? fucking sad.

and no, 20K isn't enough for 4 years in prison and an unwarranted reputation that will follow her to the grave. 20 million is closer.


@4: They originally stated that the recent trip to Italy had "no financial backing, we had to spend our wedding funds on this challenging and important journey." (They apparently have since deleted this line from their registry.) So no, it wasn't an expenses-paid trip. Or are you saying they were telling a lie?


@27: I didn't know, as evidenced by writing "probably". that's surprising, because it doesn't appear the trip was "important", at least based on the comments here.

i didn't read their page. thanks for the information.


It is disappointing to read yet another Seattle journalist prattle on about "A crime she did not commit". There was and is evidence that she was involved in the crime. She was just not convicted of it based on the very high criminal standard of proof. Sadly, the Seattle media has covered Amanda Knox as though being from Seattle she is one of their own to protect, reporting uncritically, and using innuendo about the Italian justice system to exploit a myopic American audience who only believe justice can be served under the American system (which is ironic given how deeply flawed the US system can be itself). Amanda Knox does not deserve to be treated like a convicted criminal, but simultaneously is also no basis on which to treat her as innocent.


"There's a media circus!" says member of the media.

Can't wait for the next installment of breathlessly spouted non-news. Keep up that great investigative journalism, Katie. You're really blowing the lid off things.


herzog Sucks


I'm with @27 - my threshold test for if a person can be trusted in any conclusion they've drawn from parsing evidence and evaluating sources is Amanda Knox. It's a baseline for media literacy in the 21st century. Any person who believes Knox did it is some combination of dim and/or biased and/or lazy and/or stubborn and/or ideological that to me says they shouldn't be believed about anything else without extensive fact checking. Charles Mudede and xina can't believe that the whole thing isn't a rerun of To Kill A Mockingbird. Absolutely a real and true dynamic, but also obviously not how this one went down.

Amanda Knox is an old-school, born-and-bred geeky Seattle weirdo. Would you rather she took that pretty and applied it to be another Heidi Montag clone? I love that she's having a dorky space-themed wedding - feels like home! God bless and mazel tov.


OMG who cares? 1.) crowdfunding the wedding is more useful than a standard gift registry; and 2.) no one's making you go over there and donate. People need to find something better to be outraged over.


@27 "no, 20K isn't enough for 4 years in prison and an unwarranted reputation that will follow her to the grave.

I do hope the murder that she committed and spend many hours trying to cover up before raising the alarm on Nov. 2nd 2007 follows her to the grave. I will let Karma take care of her. I had tussled with you about this murder case with you in the past, and let us agree to disagree.

My issue is with Ms. Herzog. She shouldn't write that Amanda Knox did not commit the murder or was an accomplice to the murder. Someone cut Meredith's throat, two people spend a lot of time trying to clean up after the murder. There is lots of evidence tying Amanda Knox to the murder.


@9 The motive was a staged robbery that went wrong. Rafaello and Amanda were broke, Rudy was an acquaintance living hand to mouth. They needed money for Hashish. They thought it would be a quick and fast. Either Meredith was sexually assaulted after the fact to cover up the crime or Rudy did it during the robbery. Meredith's throat was cut when screamed, it is a common reaction when a victim screams that the perpetrator flinches the knife at the throat to stop the screaming. All three immediately left, (Rudy's footprints go straight out of the door)

Rafaello and Amanda came back early in the morning, saw Meredith's dead body, and did cleaned up the area as best they could. (why Amanda's only source of light, a lamp was in Meredith's room) ditto why the Postal Police found the laundry going when they went to the house.

Rafaelle and Amanda were not some innocent rubes who were blamed, because Amanda lived at the house, there were footprints, DNA evidence of Amanda and Meredith's blood mixed together, there was a big clean up that luminol detected. Both Rafaelle and Amanda were constantly lying to the Carabinieri about their alibis, to the point that Rafaelle threw Amanda under the bus before they were arrested.


When I was young, it was traditional for the bride's family to pay for the wedding. Fast forward a few (okay, many) decades and now the general public gets to pay if they want, truly an interesting concept. Either way, it's a lot cheaper to get married at City Hall, which is what I did. That way when you get divorced you won't be pissed off at all the money you wasted getting married. And don't have kids, then do your own divorce too, so much cheaper. Good luck, kids!


Gee, Ferret, it's too bad the Italian prosecuting team didn't have you there feeding them their lines. Your synopsis is perfect for the Drama Queen-Bored-Housewives channel.


@37, I'd ask her to autograph my pocket knife.


You all seem to be missing the Poem that is posted in the registry. It's pretty "dope"

She Wishes for Rapper Chains

Had I the dopest Cuban link chains,
iced out with diamonds and lemonade gold,
not some hollowed-out dookie rope chains,
I’m talking five solid kilos of gold,
I would hang those chains around your neck.
But being rich in not much else but love,
let me wrap my arms around your neck,
and I will be the pendant of your love.


@27 Listening to the actual conversation she had with her mother during the very first prison visit after she was arrested is not tabloid bullshit. The very first conversation and other prison intercepts are all on tape, all easily found online, and can be listened to by anyone. If you can stomach it, they are unbelievably sickening and disturbing. She isn't a Seattle weirdo, she is fucking sociopath with zero regard for human life other than her own.

Amanda falsely accused Patrick Lumumba for the crime. Lumumba was arrested and held for two weeks, based on the comments Knox made. The four years she served in prison was, ultimately, for that, for lying to the police. She deserved that punishment. Did Amanda or her family ever pay restitution to Patrick Lumumba? His life in Italy ended because of her. He lives in Poland now.

Getting paid $20K was a bonus for her. Blood money she didn't deserve and chose to blow on a trip back to the scene of the crime, so now she's begging people to pay for her wedding.

Again, where is the payment from Italy to Meredith Kercher's family for their pain and suffering?

Ultimately it doesn't matter what anyone's opinion is of Amanda Knox because she's walking the earth, free, and Meredith Kercher is dead.


I'm subscribing to The Stranger because of Katie Herzog for outstanding journalism and excellent coverage of many sensitive topics.


@38: If you want to disagree with my opinion, fine. If you want to insult, well only an insecure idiot would use a hackneyed Peak Cap as their avatar to show how pathetic and micro penis they are in real life. Grow up, Micro Penis.


@45, The Stranger is free and we are its product. If you want to support Katie Herzog, send her money and/or marijuana edibles to the Stranger's office in a manila envelope labeled "thoughts from a white man" to make sure nobody opens it.


Yeah 32, the type of weirdo that’s “best friends” with everyone, who goes into denial at the drop of a hat, and who ends up with the old dude who wears fake bling, cosplays, and writes middle school poetry.


I don’t think she did it, but god what a person to place on the global stage.

And, as we’ve seen in this thread, it looks like she’s either waffled on or backed out of that whole “I just went to Italy and now I need money ET phone home” thing.

Wonder if she has a suicide to her name.


Don’t forget though, when you’ve got the types of girls around who will leave you at negative one for years, Savage says you’re gay.

Get it yet?


@42 see @25. Asking guests for money as a wedding gift = normal. Asking Strangers = kinda weird.


Misleading everyone that allotted funds for wedding were spent on trip to Italy. Innocence project paid for airfare and hotel. Amanda Knox in unbelievable.


You really have to wonder about a guy that willing gets involved in a relationship with Amanda Knox.


Also, wether she did it or not (people really into the case say she likely was involved) it doesn't change the fact that there is something really off and odd about Amanda.


Some takeaways.

Millenial meet Millenial.

Compare and contrast public perception of OJ with Knox.

At the end of day, let's not forget a young woman who lost her life in a brutal and painful murder.

Even if Knox is not guilty, her lack of empathy for her murdered roommate is shocking.

As usual, the black man gets the blame. Very convenient.

Finally, parents can afford fancy school and year abroad, but not wedding. Really?


Your article @ kathy herzog is click bait.


It’s hardly a scandal to ask people for cash instead of cookware. Unless of course your notoriety is entirely based on having been accused of a heinous crime. Normal people would not engender the same interest and therefore it can only be concluded that she is milking a tragedy for personal gain. If she had compensated one of the people whose life she destroyed, as ordered by the courts, then maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. Let's start a crowdfunder for Patrick Lumumba. By the way: 1. She is already married. 2. Her trip to Italy was paid for by the "Innocence" Project.


Where were you, when they built that ladder to heaven

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