"No, you are not allowed to use that weapon we created! We were using it on you!"

To those who do not feel like reading, this "insidious" new plot is drawing attention to public tweets these journalists themselves chose to make and publish. Believe it or not, that really is all it is. The same thing they have gleefully been doing to regular citizens for years now.

They truly believe that they should never be accountable for their words/actions, but everyone else should be, and you are a Nazi for noticing shitty things they have said or done.


I'm going to enjoy reading the tweets from writers at The Stranger have out there. And as the saying goes, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


“And yet, there is some irony to the New York Times’ hand-wringing over this when it was the left that started the whole cancelation-after-the-fact trend in the first place.”

This would be ironic if the nyt fired someone for a sketchy tweet. The nyt is not “the left”. It is a large and ideologically diverse media company and it seems their distaste for this practice is a signal they won’t be following through on it.

This might cost a few reporters their jobs but on the balance it’s not going to matter much to the average reader and anyway trump’s fans already distrust anything to the left of alex jones. They don’t need to read a bad tweet to be convinced the nyt is “the left”.


@2 the tweets are already out there since this is how twitter is supposed to work so not sure what you’re waiting for



You should do that. Drop everything else and go read every tweet every Stranger staffer has ever made. Don't forget former Stranger staffers too! When you're all done come back and give us a report.

Remember to be thorough and don't let anything else interfere with your life until you've accomplished this. We'll wait.


" undercut the influence of legitimate news reporting."
That's a joke.
The Leftist ghouls posing as 'journalist' are partisan propagandist hacks deranged by their hatred of Our President.
People who pose as journalists to spread partisan propaganda are the greatest enemies of American Liberty are are destined for the hottest Circle of Hell


When you got nothing else left: attack the messenger(s).
The wingnuts will sop it up.



Seriously, the Leftist Ghouls first few albums freaking killed! Too bad they sold out and went mainstream.


"People who pose as journalists to spread partisan propaganda are the greatest enemies of American Liberty are are destined for the hottest Circle of Hell"

So James O'Keefe, Aaron Klein, Michele Malkin, Andy Ngo, James Delingpole and all of Fox.

Well. I agree!


@10: Save Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Shephard Smith, Chris Wallace and a few more.


@9 I dunno man, I thought the first side of 'People Who Pose as Journalists' had some good tracks even if I wasn't feeling the slick production.

Also, posting on Twitter is like making a sex tape. Go for it if you really want, but chances are...


@12, Hottest Circle Of Hell is a real return to form though


@6 Your post takes me back to the days when Charles Johnson did the "Sarah Palin Poetry Slam" over at Little Green Footballs.


Twitter makes it impossible to say "I never said that".


Moral of the story: social media sucks.


@1 It didn't work on Sarah Jeong, why would it work on anyone else who is above the law of lefty politics?


@15 Repeat after me: "My account was hacked!"

If you're an athlete or Hollywood celebrity, your record is now clean. Journalists and politicians might need a little extra effort, but it's still an excellent first step.


@2: So yours is already cooked?


Lesson for aspiring journalists and media figures: stop posting content for free. Yes, tweets are content. Twitter would be a blank white space without your free labor, posting your extemporaneous musings all day. And the more you vent your thoughts, the greater the likelihood of one of those random thoughts being presented as evidence against you at some future date.

Lesson for news organizations: If you'd stop hiring writers based on how many social media followers they had, you'd have to worry less about all the inflammatory crap they posted to garner that attention in the first place.

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