91 min. minutes | Rated NR

Tyrannosaur is a gritty portrait of 21st-century Britain. Peter Mullan plays a drunken widower who lives in a cocoon of pain—his own grief and regret, wrapped in a poor neighborhood filled with abused children and shitheads with pit bulls. Olivia Colman plays a Christian woman who lives in a nice house full of even more pain—her husband (Eddie Marson) is one of those simpering, manipulative, I-hate-myself-for-hurting-you-but-I-can't-stop-hurting-you monsters. Mullan's craggy face and Colman's bruised face do a pas de deux of two wounded strangers trying to find some solace in the foggy, smoggy, gray world of UK poverty. The way they learn about each other's saddest secrets is both harrowing and gorgeous.


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Film Credits
Paddy Considine
Peter Mullan, Eddie Marsan, Olivia Colman, Ned Dennehy, Sian Breckin, Paul Popplewell, Julia Mallam, Sally Carman, Lee Rufford, Paul Conway