Your Sister's Sister


90 min minutes | Rated R

Your Sister’s Sister centers on a uniquely complicated love triangle, which involves sorrow, situational heterosexuality, and the sometimes cruel and even criminal things we so blithely do to each other. Like director Lynn Shelton’s previous Humpday, this is a film that’s made by its performances, which are all wonderful. The best moments are the smallest: deeply connected friends trading embarrassing stories around the dinner table, midnight chats between insomniacs. In the big moments, Sister loses its footing a bit, and characters behave in ways that lack the deeply familiar humanity that gives such slice-of-life films their heart and power. But it’s a small, beautifully acted film that touches on a number of deep issues (grief, family, forgiveness) without succumbing to cliché. Go see it. (DAVID SCHMADER)

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Film Credits
Lynn Shelton
Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass, Mike Birbiglia, Mike Harring, Jason Dodson, Pete Erickson, Evan Mosher, Jennifer Maas, Jeanette Maus