Free Radicals


2003 | 120 minutes | Rated NR

One would expect a film that claims to be "A History of Experimental Film" to be heavy, to be exhaustive, to denounce the moral and artistic bankruptcy of Hollywood, to portray almost-unknown filmmakers as saints. Free Radicals does not take this path at all. It's by no means exhaustive, academic, heavy, or moralistic. All director Pip Chodorov wants to show, and the reason why this documentary is a pleasure to watch, is the joy and meaning a number of artists derived from making short and weird films. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

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Film Credits
Barbara Albert
Kathrin Resetarits, Ursula Strauss, Georg Friedrich, Marion Mitterhammer, Martin Brambach, Rupert Lehofer, Bellinda Akwa-Asare, Gabriela Schmoll, Christian Ghera, Karl Fischer, Desiree Ourada, Dominik Hartel, Nicole Skala, Deborah Ten Brink, Alfred Worel