Funny Games

108 min. minutes | Rated R

In an interview included on the DVD of the original Funny Games, from 1997, Austrian director Michael Haneke asserts that any viewer who chooses to sit through his entire movie is sick in the head. Apparently, an insufficient number of violence-obsessed Americans bought tickets to his subtitled mindfuck, so he has remade the film in English with a half-naked Naomi Watts as bait. The games begin when a pudgy interloper (Brady Corbet) in white comes to the ultrabourgeois family's vacation house and asks the wife (Watts) to borrow some eggs. Then he drops them. Slowly, his passive-aggressive behavior escalates. He and a somewhat more self-possessed companion (Mike Pitt) provoke the husband (Tim Roth) into an act of cowardly aggression, and then use this as a pretext to torture the family into cowering submission. The satisfaction is supposed to come from seeing annoying rich people get completely fucked over by their own obsession with well-fenced property.


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Film Credits
Michael Haneke
Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet, Devon Gearhart, Boyd Gaines, Siobhan Fallon, Linda Moran, Robert LuPone, Arno Frisch