9 Full Moons

103 min minutes

Frankie (a hard-partying train-wreck kind of gal) and Lev (a sullen, mumbly musician who sort of looks like Jim Morrison) move in together after a couple of would-be (should-be) one-night stands and a big fight. A has-been country singer needs a fresh approach for his next album and Lev is almost the right man for the job. A cast of icky Los Angelenos aren’t helping anything. Everyone is sad. Heavy stuff happens left and right, but really, nothing happens. Nothing works out. Alcohol and/or depression affect 100% of the characters. It’s dark, as in brooding, but also dark like it’s difficult to see what’s going on sometimes. (EMILY NOKES)

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Film Credits
Tomer Almagor
SIFF 2013