Celluloid Man

150 min minutes

What this superb and atmospheric Indian documentary makes clear is that every work cinema, no matter how low or how bad, needs to be stored and preserved. Directed by Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, the film is about P.K. Nair, an Indian archivist who is in his 80s and spends much of his time trying protect India’s film history from neglect, decay, and destruction. He is well aware of the fact that most films in India are not considered to be works of art; they are seen as nothing more than commodities for the masses, the poor, the illiterate. For this reason, Nair’s preservation of nearly 12,000 films is remarkable. The future will surely see him as one the heroes of our nearsighted times. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

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Film Credits
Shivendra Singh Dungarpur
SIFF 2013