Forbidden Voices


96 min minutes

Female blogger Yoani Sanchez has been branded the youngest enemy of Cuba for criticizing her country’s government. Blogger Farnaz Seifi explains that in Iran, “Women are considered half of the man—injuring a man’s genitals in a car accident costs more than killing a woman in a car accident.” In this documentary we experience the quiet, explosive power that the internet gives disenfranchised people—women, feminists—who dare to question the motives and actions of their governments, and are punished for it. The documentary’s transitions are clunky and it’s unclear just how large of a time frame it spans, but those are small criticisms compared to the film’s success in showing a world few Americans ever experience—a world in which government persecution is horrifically mundane. (CIENNA MADRID)

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Film Credits
Barbara Miller
SIFF 2013