103 min minutes

This is NOT the feel-good movie of the summer. It begins with an unspeakable act of evil, then drags you over the hot coals of the long-term emotional consequences. A group of 18-year-olds gang-rapes a classmate—10 years later, haunted and crushed with guilt, Sung-Gong accidentally meets his victim in a church group. He falls in love with her, and... disaster. This intense film deftly illustrates the banality of evil, the cowardly, casual starkness of cruelty, and the harsh poison it unleashes. The sob-racked prayer-circle breakdown of Jang-mi (the victim) totally wrecked me. (Brava, Yang Jo-a... brava!) I need to lie down. (ADRIAN RYAN)

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Film Credits
Lee Don-ku
SIFF 2013