Captain Abu Raed


100 min. minutes | Rated NR

Sad, old Abu Raed, airport janitor and white-bearded widower, lives alone in his dim apartment, making tea for his dead wife and telling her about his days. Raed finds a pilot's hat in the trash, wears it up the dusty Jordanian steps of his dusty Jordanian slum, and a big, hopeful lie is born. The kids want Abu Raed to be a hero, Abu Raed wants to be somebody's hero--really, somebody's anything--so he tells them long stories about nonexistent adventures in London, Paris, Egypt, wherever. Of course, the obligatory kid-embittered-beyond-his-years finds out Abu Raed isn't a pilot and informs the others with the sad, sadistic delight of the class bully announcing there's no Santa Claus. "People like us don't grow up to be pilots," he says ruefully, before dragging himself back to his dead-end life and drunken, abusive father.


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Film Credits
Amin Matalqa
Nadim Sawalha, Rana Sultan, Hussine Al-Souse, Udey Al-Qadise, Ayat Najah Abd Al-Sadeq, Khaled Al-Safi, Phaedra Dahdaleh, Khuloud Khaled Issa, Mohammad Qteshat, Rami Samara