North by Northwest


1959 | 136 minutes | Rated NR

A great film is much like a great party, and what makes a party great is not the host or even the location but whom the host invites. North by Northwest, one of my favorite movies, is great because of the guests invited by the director, Alfred Hitchcock. There is the screenplay provided by Ernest Lehman (Sweet Smell of Success), the stunning title sequence by the graphic artist Saul Bass (Anatomy of a Murder), the faces of Cary Grant, James Mason, and a young Martin Landau. And, of course, there’s the big, brassy, bold, and lusty score by Bernard Herrmann. Hitchcock knew how to throw a great party.


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Film Credits
Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant, Eva Saint, James Mason, Leo Carroll, Martin Landau, Jessie Landis, Philip Ober, Adam Williams, Josephine Hutchinson, Edward Platt, Robert Ellenstein, Les Tremayne, Philip Coolidge