Bright Star

119 min. minutes | Rated PG

Jane Campion's Bright Star is the most generic historical romance ever put to film, or at least it feels like it. Boy meets girl; boy and girl fall in love (dooooooomed love!); society and money issues keep boy and girl from being together; one of the two stays out in the cold rain for way too long, catches a nasty cough, and dies, leaving the other to emote, beautifully, for a few minutes. It doesn't matter one bit that the film is about tragic romantic poet John Keats; though Campion developed the screenplay from Keats's love letters, which should be material enough for three excellent costume dramas, she turns in what is easily the worst film of her career. There's none of the wit or exuberance or odd unromantic tendencies of her earlier work, leaving audiences to wallow in a subpar Merchant Ivory level of hell.


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Film Credits
Jane Campion
Paul Schneider, Abbie Cornish, Thomas Sangster, Ben Whishaw, Kerry Fox, Samuel Barnett, Samuel Roukin, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Sebastian Armesto, Antonia Campbell-Hughes